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Multi Function FireWall 2’nd Edition

Application Control, IPS/DDoS, Data loss prevention, VPN, Anti-Virus, Anti-SPAM, Web Security

Fully Support B/W : Small/Medium/Large

Next Generation IPS

Intrusion Prevention System

Support B/W : Medium/Large

DDoS Attack Prevention System

Distributed Denial of Service Attack

Support B/W : Medium/Large



More Powerful! More Faster! More Secure!

SECUI MF2 series which SECUI is presenting is a global integrated network secure system that has technology cope with latest network security threat of flexible hardware and software architechture.


  • Virtual IPN that can use multi-line and roaming users
SECUI MF2 - Internet Web Server 1, Web based ERP Server, Internet Web Server 2 - IPSec VPN, SSL VPN, Mobile SSL VPN, SmartStorage

Application Control

  • internet application control in mobile internet environment
  • distinguish and control port, protocol information and independent internet application
  • distinguish and control IP address and independent user
Talk, Msn, Soribada, BitTorrent, Facebook, Gmail, Youtube, Twitter, Nate, Skype


  • Convenience and delicate Block Harmful traffic through virtual protection domain
  • designate additionally of security profile about virtual protection domain
  • convenient setting and operating through IPS policy setting Wizar
  • strong Anti-DDoS function(apply engine in Anti-DDoS exclusive equipment
Virtual Domain (N / W, IP Address) - Protocol Anomaly, Anti-Spoofing, SCAN, Protocol Vulnerability, Flooding Check, Traffic Anomaly

Data Loss Prevention

  • Prevention of spilling personal information and company classified information
  • providing Built-in and user defined keyword
  • search for the text and many attached file
  • Provide searching for encoded packet such as HTTPS
Data Loss Prevention

Anti-Virus, Anti-SPAM

  • Stream-based method of fast research + File-based method of high degree of accuracy
  • Global Anti-SPAM solution
  • provide many languages in keyword filtering, block SPAM mails by built-in SPAM checking engine and professional server interface
Stream - Based (Buffer File, Scan File, Deliver File) , File - Based (Buffer File, Scan File, Deliver File)

Web Security

  • Blocking vicious URL, C&C server, vicious file through cloud based service(analysis of APT, analysis of vicious code).

New Chapter of integrated network secure - SECUI MF2 Series!!

  • UTM that maintains high performance and use each security function
  • using platform that can resolute latest security issue such as IPv6 support and IPTV security
  • able to expand and operate variety of security function

Implementation effect!!

  • cost cutting effect by implementing combining security product
  • high performance security that possess variety of performance line-up
  • Green IT-green security that decreases carbon dioxide quantity through reducing power consumption
  • effective one-point system control
Implementation Effect

Features and Advantages

Features and Advantages

Main architecture

SECUI MF2 section dispersion treatment technology that realize multicore optimum technology

Balancer(Core Resource Flow)
Implementation Effect



Certification status

Certification status


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